Be Discovered

1. It is not necessary to spend a lot of money on photographers
2. Please take the following shots

a. beauty shot (face close up) & please take one with a smile
b. full length body shot-in form fitting black jeans and a form fitting black tank top
c. full length body shot swim suit shot in a two piece bikini

3. Don’t wear makeup we want to see your natural beauty
4. Keep your hair natural and away from face
5. Use a plain wall- preferably white or neutral color
6. Photographs can either be a Polaroid, snapshot or digital pictures

What we look for

1. a serious interest in modeling
2. Females between the ages of 13-25
3. Female models must be 5’7-6’0
4. Males must be 5”11 to 6’2”
5. Have a parental consent form if you are under 18 years of age

Over all your attitude and personality are your most important assets. In a short period of time you have to make an impression and show a positive, professional attitude.
Eat Healthy
You can enjoy all kinds of foods as long as you eat in moderation. It is extremely important to develop a life style of healthy eating and exercise.
Stay in shape
One of your most important obligations as a model is to stay in great shape: neither under weight or over weight. Physical appearance is integral to the modeling Industry and it is your responsibility to stay in shape. Remember to exercise daily!!!!!!